Who We Are

To understand who we are, take a quick look at how we started.

Our History

Mervin M. Sirrine

Mervin M. Sirrine started Flame Treating Systems near Pittsburgh, PA in 1973 after working for Dow Chemical (developers of Mapp gas), Airco and Pennsylvania Flame Hardening.  Merv believed he could solve just about any hardening problem using a controlled flame hardening system for considerably less cost than an induction system.

Unfortunately we lost Mervin on June 20, 2018. He left an incredible legacy. We will miss him dearly.

Mervin Sirrine, October 13, 1930 - June 20, 2018



Mark M. Sirrine

Mark M. Sirrine (right) has continued this Mark and Flame Ringphilosophy since taking over as president and owner of Flame Treating Systems from his father in 1995. With over 30 years experience, we at Flame Treating Systems have become experts on the control of the flame system. With our personal service we can analyze your hardening needs and develop a system to meet your requirements. We strike a balance between using reliable techniques of the past and modern technology that makes those techniques even smarter.

In addition to flame hardening, our equipment has been used for:

  • brazing
  • forging
  • welding
  • coatings fusion

Company Profile

Flame Treating Systems, Inc

For Over 40 years, Flame Treating Systems, Inc. has built custom-designed flame hardening systems per client specifications, and provided inhouse flame hardening in our own facility. While the flame hardening method represents one of the oldest means of surface hardening metal, many recent advances make it one of the most attractive for several reasons. New computerized equipment reduces both capital costs and fuel/operational costs. It is highly adaptive for the heat treatment of specific part areas, and Flame Treating Systems’ equipment is very user friendly. For all flame hardening methods – stationary flame hardening, progressive hardening, spin hardening and combination hardening — Flame Treating Systems is your source. We can design a new system, retrofit/rebuild old equipment, or provide parts to keep your present system operative.

FTSI 001 FTSI 002 FTSI 003 FTSI 004


Flame hardening can effectively be applied to a wide range of products. Flame Treating Systems has designed and built systems to harden drive shafts, gears, crane wheels, camshafts and forgings of all kinds.


What our Customers Say About Us: Customer Testimonials

Chrysler Corporation…
“Not only did Flame Treating Systems design an updated and innovative machine for us, their persistence in meeting our needs was outstanding.”


Konecranes International Corp…
“Flame Treating Systems successfully built a machine for us half way around the world. They continue to supply us with quality components and great service.”


Oliver Gear…
“We consulted with Mark Sirrine at Flame Treating Systems on a flame hardening machine. We found him to be an expert in his field. We had our custom-built machine within four months of our purchase order.”


Quality Rolls…
“We continue to be satisfied with the quality components built by Flame Treating Systems.”


Ramsey Products…
“Flame Treating Systems has worked with us for a number of years. We have seen the expertise in this company, both with the machine built for us and the quality of the relationship between our companies.”


Rexnord Corporation…
“Rexnord has done business for several years with Flame Treating Systems, from having a machine updated to having worm shafts flame hardened. We would highly recommend their services.”


“Flame Treating Systems has been involved with several projects of ours. We continue to enjoy a successful relationship with this company and would highly recommend them.”


Union Electric Steel…
“Flame Treating Systems showed true diligence in working for us on a lathe re-build. We have been quite pleased with their services and are currently negotiating yet another big project with Flame Treating Systems.”


Xtek, Inc…
“We have done business with Flame Treating Systems for a number of years. They have impressed us not only with a custom-built machine and good customer relations, but also with the security of providing custom parts as needed.”


If you have questions about using flame hardening for your heat treating solution, please email me at mark@flametreatingsystems.com or call 919-956-5208.

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