Customized Systems

Flame Treating Systems designs and builds custom flame-hardening systems for specific applications.   Virtually all of Flame Treating System’s equipment is custom designed and manufactured for a specific end use.  We’ve built literally hundreds of systems for customers around the world, China, India and South America to name a few…and many of these systems are still operating after 25+ years of service.

Flame-hardening is an ideal, time-tested method for steel hardening. And there are several types of steel that work well for the flame-hardening process.   One example is hardening 4140 steel.   Another is hardening 1045 steel.   Flame-hardening cast iron has also been done with success.   The clutch plate shown in the photo below is made of cast iron, as is the cam shaft sample shown to the right.

clutchs    Steel Hardening

The keys to a successful system begin with analyzing the parts that will be heat treated…their size, metallurgical properties, and the desired hardness to be achieved, depending on the type of steel hardening that is required.  FTSI then matches its expertise with this analysis to recommend the proper type of system:  stationary flame treating, progressive flame treating, spin flame treating or combination treating. We then build the system using only high-quality components to ensure long life, process repeatability and reliable service.  FTSI also makes durable and flexible equipment.  Adapting Flame Treating Systems’ machinery to other hardening chores is usually as simple as a few minor adjustments to controls and perhaps switching out the flame head(s).


There is no “one-size-fits-allsolution for heat treating.  But the flame treating technology is extremely versatile, user friendly and economical to operate.  And nobody does flame treating equipment better than Flame Treating Systems, Inc.   So if you’re looking for a steel hardening or cast iron hardening process, look into Flame-hardening.   You will find a versatile, low cost option for localized heat treating of your steel and cast iron parts.

For over 40 years, Flame Treating Systems, Inc. has been designing and building a broad range of heat treating equipment: complete systems as well as specialized components to be used in heat treating machinery.

If you have questions about your heat treating solution, email me at or call 919-956-5208.

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