Spinning Machines

Flame Treating Systems, Inc. can design machines particularly well equipped to harden steel crane wheels and gears.  These machines primarily use the spin heat / drop quench hardening process.   Below are photos of a crane wheel and a gear being spun heated:

Crane Wheel Spin Hardening Machine   HERO_RGB
Crane Wheel                                                        Gear


The Flame Treating Systems spinning machine is equipped with the proper instruments that control key parameters in the flame hardening process.   Precision built flame heads, along with fuel and oxygen flow measurement device, insure proper heating of the part.   In addition, the part spinning device spins the part true +/- .002”.   And an optical pyrometer measures part temperature and can be used in cycle. The quench system is a closed system allowing the addition of a polymer quench solution.   The heater and heat exchange plates keep the quench temperature within a set range. All this is controlled by a PLC allowing for consistent cycle runs.

The spinning machine can process parts up to 48” in diameter and weights up to 1000 lbs. Special design spinning machines can be designed to process larger and heavier parts. The quench tank is approximately 700 gallons (depending on model size) and is equipped with a plug style heater and plate heat-exchange coils for heat removal.   A standard size spinning machine comes with (4) torches but larger models have (8) torches.   We also make a small spinning machine with (2) torches.   All machines use PLC based electrical controls with a touch screen interface.   Other standard features include an optical pyrometer for part temperature measurement, agitation pump for quench movement during quenching process, chiller for flame head cooling and UV sensors for flame safety.

Spinning Machine Steel Hardening

Our spinning machines are economical and easy to maintain.   The set-up time is short and easily accomplished with quick disconnects for the water.   This speeds up the hardening process.   Hardening steel machine parts becomes quick, easy and economical.

For over 40 years, Flame Treating Systems, Inc. has built custom-designed flame hardening systems and also provided customers with flame hardening services in our facility.

If you have questions about using flame hardening for your heat treating solution, email me at mark@flametreatingsystems.com or call 919-956-5208.

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