Miscellaneous Components

Flame Treating Systems, Inc. we have designed and built a broad range of heat treating components.

Heat Treating Components:

To ensure long-life performance, only high-quality components are used in Flame Treating Systems’ equipment.FTSI manufactures and stocks most of the key components that go into our systems.  These components are also available to companies that prefer to build their own flame hardening systems.Here are some examples of the parts we supply: Nipples, Nuts & Other Fittings:
These allow for ease of changeover for different size flame heads.fittings
 Flowmeters: Measure fuel and
oxygen rate–important for control
and repeatability of the process.meter
  Valves & Torches:High-capacity torches and valves allow for high flow rates at lower pressure ranges.torchs

For over 40 years, Flame Treating Systems, Inc. has been designing and building a broad range of heat treating equipment: complete systems as well as specialized components to be used in heat treating machinery.

If you have questions about your heat treating solution, email me at mark@flametreatingsystems.com or call 919-956-5208.

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