Consulting Services

Consulting Services usually fall into one of two categories:

  • In-house Consulting
  • On-site Consulting

In-House Consulting

If you know you want to flame harden your parts on your shop floor, but are in the concept testing stage, our in-house consulting services can help you test your concepts here in our shop and work with you on designing the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your shop.

In these cases it helps to have someone in the heat treating business to help you think through the project scope, from the big picture to the smallest details of footprint and materials handling. We want to help customers determine whether flame hardening will meet their heat treating requirements for cost, quality, and production cycle times before they invest in it. Using our equipment while working out an overall system design helps customers get more accurate data for their purchasing decision, resulting in a better outcome.

If you need more than just budget numbers for an estimate, and want more detailed engineering work done before you commit to a project, give us a call to see if we can partner with you. We’ll help you define a reasonable scope and cost of work and take care of those details for you – including SolidWorks 3D CAD drawings. Rates are charged @ $135 USD per hour.

On-Site Consulting

Sometimes customers with in-house flame hardening systems already installed have issues they cannot resolve themselves. In these cases we are happy to visit your site to help analyze, diagnose, and test recommended solutions. Very often these solutions will involve upgrading or rebuilding parts of a system, and we will give customers credit on those purchases when they have purchased our on-site troubleshooting consulting services.

Mark Sirrine, president of Flame Treating Systems Inc., believes that his expertise in turnkey installation design work and ongoing production maintenance can help clients in every stage of flame hardening production. He has helped dozens of customers implement or upgrade in-house flame hardening systems based on realistic, cost-effective strategies that help clients achieve their goals — whether they are a manufacturing shop or providing professional heat treating services.

For over 40 years, Flame Treating Systems, Inc. has been designing and building a broad range of heat treating equipment: complete systems as well as specialized components to be used in heat treating machinery.

If you have questions about surface hardening steel and cast iron parts, email Mark at or call 919-956-5208.



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