Flame Hardening

Flame Treating Systems, Inc. custom-builds flame hardening machines that heat treat drive shafts, gears, crane wheels, camshafts and forgings of all kinds. Our highly adaptive, computer-programmed machines can case harden any specific part area to your specifications. Experienced engineers can design flame heads that will work for any application. Check out some of that variety in our montage video:

Flame Hardening Services

While we specialize in custom-designed, installed flame hardening equipment for your facility, some customers either do not yet have the budget to purchase a machine or they want to test whether the flame hardening process works for them before purchasing a machine. For these customers we also provide consulting and flame hardening services.

If we can help you with any of your heat treating questions, please email me at mark@flametreatingsystems.com or call 919-956-5208. For over 40 years, Flame Treating Systems, Inc. has been designing and building a broad range of flame hardening equipment: complete systems as well as specialized components to be used in flame hardening steel, cast iron and even plastic parts.